How to ruin your brand with one handwritten letter!

I wrote about Target handing out a terrible flyer in a previous post. Here’s another example of poor customer communication. We receive a lot of realtor solicitations, offering to sell our home. This one, from a realtor with a very nice Web site, was so bad it’s worth sharing. (As I’m not trying to embarrass anyone, I’ve cut out identifying information):

If you have scary handwriting like this, it’s best to stick to using a computer.
Apparently he considers the “14 foot blimp” a great selling point.
All of the work he put into creating his brand via his expensive (and usable) Web site went right down the drain here.

Tip of the day: Every aspect of your business, and your communication with potential customers, either supports or weakens your brand. Never “whip something up;” take the time to develop high-quality communication pieces. They don’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

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