Does your outside match your inside?

One Sunday night a friend and I were walking the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego in search of dinner. Everything was closed, except this restaurant.

I have driven past this place a million times. We never would have gone in the front door, except that it was this place or walk back to the car and drive somewhere for dinner. We walked across the street to look at the menu.

The xeroxed menu looked okay and the nicely detailed painting around the door was encouraging.

Expecting a greasy spoon, in we walked, to find this interior.

We literally looked at one another in amazement.

Our comfortable booth was great. The food was even better, fresh and delicious and reasonably priced.

We would never have set foot in this great restaurant if there had been one other choice that night. Why? The exterior doesn’t welcome you in. Seated next to a liquor store on a bare stretch of a busy street, this restaurant needs to work harder to tell customers what awaits inside.

Tip of the day: Go across the street, at least half a block away. Does your business welcome customers? Is the message you’re sending the right message? Does your name, color scheme, and other elements work together in a seamless way? Do you have trees out front? All of these elements are what drive customers inside. You can have a great interior, but if you don’t get them in the door, they’ll never know.

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