A lesson in brand extension from Vera Wang

When paging through Martha Stewart Living, I came upon this ad:

“Vera Wang by Serta: Introducing Vera Wang by Serta Mattresses”

What does Vera Wang have to do with mattresses? Are they softer, more luxurious, more bridal, more “red carpet?”

I don’t even understand the ad, which is hard to read and doesn’t show luxurious fabrics and a cushy bed. Perhaps that’s why Vera looks a bit confused herself.

Brand extension is a tricky business. Campbell’s couldn’t sell spaghetti sauce, as they were too closely tied to soup.

They had to invent Prego.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and when a fashion-conscious gal (or guy) is shopping for a mattress and sees “Vera Wang” he or she will buy the brand image. (I still don’t think this is a good ad.)

Tip of the day: Think carefully when adding products or services to your brand. Do they match your other offerings and your mission and vision? Will they make sense to customers? If not, you could be in for a costly failure.

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